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Galaxy Tab, 6 WP7 Phones Launching Q4 on AT&T

Engadget this morning got a boatload of information on AT&T's upcoming holiday line-up and aside from the red and white BlackBerry Torch options, the one that's catching our eye is the Galaxy Tab. Word is that the 7-inch Android 2.2 device will ship before December, joining three more new Android devices that will ship in time for the holidays. No word on pricing yet, but there will likely be a hefty subsidy for those willing to sign a contract.

The leak also reveals white and red versions of the BlackBerry Torch, which will hit in November, and a total of SIX Windows Phone 7 devices will be available in time for the Christmas rush. Included in that WP7 barrage are the Samsung Cetus, the Samsung Focus and the HTC Surround.

That's a pretty nice holiday lineup you've got there, AT&T. Now let's hope your competitors can offer their customers equally attractive options. If you're not on AT&T, don't worry. The Galaxy Tab is rumored to be available on multiple carriers. It'll be worth your while to wait and see just who is getting the Galaxy Tab before doing anything rash, like switching carriers.

Check out the full gallery of leaks over on Engadget.