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GAEMS' Console-In-A-Case Makes Xbox 360 Mobile

The new Xbox might be smaller and more portable but that doesn't mean those of us with last generation consoles can't take ours with us wherever we go. And while we're at it, should the fact that our cabin in the woods doesn't have a TV stop us? No, it should not. That's where the GAEMS Portable Console Gaming and Entertainment System comes in. It's a travel suitcase with built-in 15-inch, 720p display. There's also some speakers and a nice, dense polyurethane bed to protect your console against minor bumps and dings.

Unfortunately, it looks like controllers and power brick will have to be carried separately. Still, if you have $250 to spare (or are willing to spend $250 on a gift for the gamer that has everything), you can pick one of these babies up and worry about the logistics of carrying the rest of your Xbox bits and pieces later.

The case should be available in Q4 of this year, just in time for Christmas. Gadget Review reports that there are plans for a PS3 version as well as a new model for the slimmer Xbox. No word on pricing or a release for those, though.