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Meet the Futuristic Honda Chopper

Designer Pete Norris has created an interesting Honda chopper to make motorcyclist enthusiasts drool with its sleek form and functionality. With a futuristic look that appears to have come straight out of a Final Fantasy game or a Gundam anime series, Norris' bike would be sure to turn heads.

With an unconventional form factor that comes from being equipped with long front suspensions, this concept is designed for forward foot placement and maximum comfort. Norris has stated that he has always admired the supersonic bike that appeared in the Return of the Jedi and admits that his design has taken some inspiration from it.

Of course comfort isn't the only thing this stylish bike hopes to accomplish. The bike carries a powerful biofuel engine that is sure to make this beast of a chopper roar on the streets. In addition to the main engine, two individual electric motors come embedded into the wheel hubs which provide additional functionality and power. Although it's just a concept now, we can surely imagine the motorcycles of the future to sport similar eye-catching designs and features.