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Samsung Shows Off Flexible AMOLED Display

Over the last few days, Samsung has mainly been in the news for its latest addition to the Galaxy S family, the Samsung Continuum. However, while the Continuum wasn't exactly breathtaking in the excitement department, another AMOLED creation from Samsung has caught our attention.

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At FPD International 2010 this week, Samsung demoed a 4.5-inch flexible AMOLED display. SlashGear reports Samsung's display is possible because the company has developed a manufacturing process that allows the plastic substrate to withstand the 350-400 degree temperatures involved when assembling the various AMOLED layers.

Thanks to this new process, not only does the display boast the same deep blacks and gorgeous, eye-popping colors we're used to seeing with AMOLED, but it packs a WVGA 800x480 resolution and can be rolled up to tight to achieve a diameter of 2cm.

As with all flexible displays, the fabulous demonstrations don't extend as far as specific products and release dates but Sammy says it's looking at tablets and smartphones for this display.

Source: SlashGear, Tech On

*Image credit: Tech On


  • reciprocalinhibition
    Now the question is how to functionally implement this tech... Cool stuff possibly for glasses or windshields.
  • xerroz
    Pip boy 3000 please
  • Randomacts
    xerrozPip boy 3000 please
  • xantek24
    digital beer cans disguised as soda!

    digital windshield displaying Google Maps while driving!!

    digital punching bag with steve jobs talking on youtube!!!

    or how about a digital wallet that displays how much money is in it while standing next to a mugger!!!!

    there is nothing wrong with this world :)
  • kingssman
    Watch Red Planet, they use a flex AMOLED for their mapping/ipad
  • cmartin011
    interesting i would like this for a laugh and awww with my friends or when it the tech improves to carry around a 17in or bigger version to make a nice mobile gaming screen u can carry with a portable power house computer in a phone format give 5-10 years that is
  • batkerson
    Great for smart phones -- no more cracked displays. OOPS! Phone manufacturers either won't implement it soon, or service providers won't sell the phones as part of a plan 'cause they couldn't count on resales from broken screens. Long lasting products are the antithesis of our consumer culture.
  • @ xerroz

    How about the Pimp boy 3 Bilion?? (look it up its real in New Vegas)
  • eddieroolz
    I swear I saw something like this before, and before that too...

    In other words, let's market this. This is better in a consumer's hands than as a pipe dream.
  • mlopinto2k1
    I want a screen that wraps around my head 180 degrees.