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Fisher-Price Shows Off Awesome iPad Accessories at CES

Since tablets and smartphone really became popular, we've seen a lot of attempts at kid-friendly tablets. It makes sense. When people are spending hundreds of dollars on the latest gadgets, they don't exactly want to hand it right over to their two-year-old to play with. Still, spending even more money, just so the kid can have their own touchscreen tablet isn't the answer most people are looking for.

Fisher-Price has come up with another solution. The company is using sturdy cases and specialized apps to turn your every day gadget into a tough, child-friendly toy. The first example is a reader that incorporates the iPod touch. Dubbed the Laugh & Learn Apptivity Storybook, it's a stylized dock. Parents run any one of six special apps for interactive nursery rhyme fun. Kids can interact with the pictures to make them move, and the app reads the rhymes aloud as well as showing read-along wording on the screen.


The next device we saw was a case called the Create & Learn Case for iPad. It works with iPad 2 and above and is available in pink or blue. Using a special app, kids can practice their letters, color, and paint by numbers. However, our favorite thing about this device was that it used the iPad's camera for an augmented reality-style feature. Mom or dad takes a special card and places it behind the iPad, in view of the camera. Their son or daughter can then interact with the card on screen. Tapping the card on screen brings an animated version of the card to life. The demo we saw involved a 'H is for helicopter' card and an adorable little cartoon helicopter that buzzed around the screen when poked and prodded.

Lastly, we saw two docking stations that use the iPad to create little virtual worlds for kids to explore. The first is a barnyard complete with companion characters including animals and tractors. Kids can make tracks in the mucky barnyard using the tractor, wash down the animals in the barn, and tend to their seeds in the fields. The second docking station is for older kids and is a castle. Kids use the various characters to explore the castle, click on interactive objects, ride dragons, and even practice their target shooting with the aid of the iPad's camera.


The Laugh & Learn Apptivity Storybook is selling for $20, while the other products go up to $50 and are set for a fall release.


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  • Onus
    Toys for a toy, made by a toy company. Makes perfect sense. And no, an "end sarcasm" tag is not applicable.
  • The one with the castle and shoot the cannon looks neat.
    I would still prefer my kids (if I had kids :p) play with real objects that they can hold in their hand, instead of a screen.
  • I love how the tablet craze has crashed so hard that primary marketing is now targeted towards children.

    PCs are dying, yo.
  • edogawa
    When I was a kid I used imagination.
  • NuclearShadow
    I like the idea, with how expensive any decent tablet or smartphone is making it useable and fun for the entire household brings more value to the product. Plus kids naturally want to touch them and play with them too and this gives a safer way for them to do so.

    edogawaWhen I was a kid I used imagination.
    But that's when kids actually had time to be kids nowadays we rush them as much as we rush ourselves.
  • 25gtt
    Nice work, marketing.

    First get the kids off the teat
    Second get the kids onto Apple

    Still I cant whinge too much, my two year old would love this stuff!
  • You all know you would spend hundreds of dollars on this stuff and your kids would give it two minutes of their time before ripping off the plastic to just play with the tablet itself.
  • -Jackson
    Whatever the hell happened to Lego?
    Like brickman, I would much rather have my kids (if I had any) play with real objects than a screen.
  • jabliese
    -JacksonWhatever the hell happened to Lego?Like brickman, I would much rather have my kids (if I had any) play with real objects than a screen.Priced Lego's lately? Something like that castle from Lego would easily be over $100.