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Firefox May Be Heading to PlayStation 3

Today seems to be a big day for Sony and its PlayStation 3 console. The Sony presentation to investors--held earlier this morning--revealed that the company plans to insert 3D capabilities into the console in fiscal year 2010. The presentation (PDF) also announced that Sony will release a non-software development kit in Q2 fiscal year 2010. There was also mention that Sony will introduce a subscription system to the PlayStation Network.

In a related story, PlayStation Insider reports that Sony and Mozilla may be in talks to bring the Firefox browser to the PlayStation 3 console. While the source remained unspecified, apparently there was no confirmation of the talks or whether a deal was ever reached. However, the news certainly seems likely now that Sony revealed its upcoming non-gaming software support. Firefox will more than likely serve as an optional browser that could be downloaded and installed via the PlayStation Network.

As it stands now, out of the three current consoles, the PlayStation 3 offers features that closely resemble a PC: mouse support, keyboard support, and the ability to install Linux. Many gamers are complaining to Sony about the current lackluster, built-in web browser. Adding Firefox would certainly inch the console closer to its PC counterpart, and possibly appease the current PS3 browser critics.

If Sony does launch some kind of Apps store on the PlayStation Network, the PlayStation 3 might actually get the upper hand in the console wars... a long deserved one.

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