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Firefox 3.7 May Receive New Interface Design

This post over on the Mozilla Wiki shows early mockups of an obviously planned redesign of the Firefox browser interface for v3.7. Created by designer Stephen Horlander, the images depict three appearances: Windows Vista and 7 using Aero, Windows Vista and 7 without Aero, and four layouts for Windows XP (Luna, Silver, Olive, Royale).

"These are not final," Horlander declares on the webpage. "They are only for brainstorming [and] exploration."

Despite that fact, the mockups show a definite improvement over the outdated default Windows design present in the current version. For all three platforms, the mockup depicts raised buttons to achieve a "tactile" feel. For the Vista and 7 versions, the images sport a new Page button and a translucent, "glassy" appearance. In addition, the menu bar looks to borrow from Google's Chrome and implement a pair of drop-down menu buttons.

Mozilla officially released Firefox v3.5 back on June 30, making it the first major release since the launch of Firefox 3 during June 2008. Update version 3.5.1 is now available for download, addressing a security vulnerability in the browser's TraceMonkey JavaScript engine.

  • Kithzaru
    They should change the interface so that the blonde girl with the firefox shirt is the background of everything.
  • mlcloud
    Or without the firefox shirt.
  • maigo
    It better have an off button
  • vabeachboy0
    or just flat out naked :D
  • bmadd
    But then there gonna have to put "For 18+ Only" on the browers, and there goes half there user base
  • salem80
    even with FireFox 2.0 interface i found it great at all ..

  • Clintonio
    Do I detect some version number inflation?
  • doomtomb
    Yawn. The fact that they didn't change anything in functionality but changed the pretty buttons, they think they need deserve some sort of celebration in their wonderful achievements. As soon as you put the hot blonde with the FireFox shirt in your browser, I think that will deserve praise.
  • matchboxmatt
    I also like women.
  • They spend months and years trying to improve the responsiveness,and now they are going to make the browser heavier?

    I hope one can disable the skins, I'm quite comfortable the way it works now!