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High Tech Fingerprint Scanner Scans From 20ft Away

Over the years, the process of fingerprinting has become an increasingly digitalized affair. The days of dipping our thumbs in ink and placing them on paper are long behind us. Now, we can even get our fingerprints scanned without knowing thanks to IDair's new and improved AIRprint scanner, a camera device that can take photos of your fingerprints from up to 20 feet away.

Unlike conventional optical scanners that use high-resolution cameras to capture every distinct detail on your fingers, the AIRprint uses a pair of small 1.3 megapixel cameras and a high tech flash of polarized light. One camera detects horizontally polarized light and another detects vertically polarized light, working together with a complicated algorithm to create an accurate map of our fingerprints.

According to the company, the AIRprint is designed for the rapid, long range collecting of fingerprints, bringing fingerprinting to the same level of ease and simplicity as facial recognition, but with the ability to take advantage of an enormous fingerprint database. For more information on AIRprint and IDair, head on over to the company page here.