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Facebook Named The Best Company to Work For

Company review site Glassdoor has released its annual report of the 50 best companies to work for, with Facebook topping the list.

Based on comments from employees in a number of companies, nearly half a million reviews were submitted that rated employers on several factors: career opportunities, salary and benefits, work and life balance, senior management, culture and values.

"The company's leadership truly believes in Facebook's mission to make the world more open and connected," a Facebook product manager told Glassdoor. "Teams are small and have a lot of autonomy, and it's amazing to see how much of a difference a single person can make at this place."

19 other technology companies have been included in the list, with the top 10 seeing Riverbed Technology being named the third best company to work for, with Google settling for No. 6, while National Instruments was No. 8.

Elsewhere, business social networking site LinkedIn was positioned at 14th place, while chip manufacturer Intel was No. 31 and Apple settled for No. 34.

"The Employees' Choice Awards are one of the highest honors a company can receive, as it is an authentic and tangible reflection of employee satisfaction," Glassdoor's CEO and co-founder Robert Hohman said in a statement. "Due to greater workplace transparency, information about what it's like to work at particular companies is becoming increasingly influential as job seekers and employees consider their next career move."

Google in particular, meanwhile, treats employees who have passed away better than some firms do with their living workers. Its "death benefits" pays the deceased's spouse (no matter how long they've been with the company) or domestic partner 50 percent of their salary for 10 years.

The deceased's stocks will be offered to the family as well. Each child of the employee receives $1,000 per month until the age of 19, or age 23 for full-time students.

  • lpedraja2002
    Facebook HQ:

    - Ping pong table
    - Snack aisle
    - Treadmill

    Google HQ:

    - Modern Gym
    - Pool
    - Big ass lunch room
    - Snack aisles
    - The walls are your drawing boards
    - You can take your pet to work
    etc. etc.

    That facebook video sucked in showing why its good to work at facebook. Google HQ looked like a freaking fun zone.
  • sixdegree
    Now, if only they made "Worst Company to Work For" list.
  • bin1127
    When the company depends on innovation (Google more than facebook) to be successful, a working environment that is free and doesn't stifle the mind is imperative to creativity. You can't do the same stuffing people into cubicles.

    Companies selling tangible products does not need freedom in the workplace. The bottom line comes from moving product and results can be attained from coercion or financial incentives. The accountant is not encouraged to expressed creativity along with other beaureaucrats. Which is why only CEO and directors does business on the golf course and your lunch room has stained carpets and creaking chairs.
  • Gundam288
    sixdegreeNow, if only they made "Worst Company to Work For" list.I think that title is one that EA holds.
  • madooo12
    maybe because you can view the private data for 1B, maybe spy on your friends (or previous friends)

    BTW where's MS
  • billgatez
    lpedraja2002Facebook HQ:- Ping pong table- Snack aisle- TreadmillGoogle HQ:- Modern Gym- Pool- Big ass lunch room- Snack aisles- The walls are your drawing boards- You can take your pet to worketc. etc.That facebook video sucked in showing why its good to work at facebook. Google HQ looked like a freaking fun zone.I have to agree with Google being the better company.
  • beardguy
    Still wouldn't work for them, based on principal.

    Plus no question in my min Facebook will fail, eventually.
  • beardguy
  • stevo777
    Facebook is probably fun as you never have to deal with customers=no customer service.
  • I don't have a Facebook account (if that's the right way to describe it) But, this article/video seems to me, to be propaganda for a company that is trying to extend is use-by-date.