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Customizing Fan and Business Pages on Facebook

There’s More Ways to Customize

Now you should have a more customized and interactive Facebook Page, or at the very least the knowledge to create one at some point in the future. We discussed how to increase a Page’s visual appeal with your profile photo and the five most recent photos shown on the top of your Page. We also discovered several different apps to add additional content. Lastly we showed you out how to create custom tabs using apps and by creating your own app.

Remember, you can change the name of most tabs you add to your Page. Go to your Page’s settings, click Apps, and then click the Edit Settings link for app/tab you want to change.

You should think about making a welcome page by creating a custom iFrame tab to get more visitors to “Like” you. You can select a tab that visitors see when first entering your Page. Thus you can prompt them to “Like” you so they can see additional content. Then you can specify different content to be display once they “Like” you, such as an introduction to you or even a coupon or special offer.

To change the default tab of your Page, go to the Manage Permissions tab of your Page settings and change the Default Landing Page.

We only touched on a few basic customization techniques for your Page. You may also want to consider using Plugins and/or Dialogs on your website or custom tabs for additional interactivity.

For ideas on what you can do with your Page, check out the pages of your favorite companies or groups, or even your competitors.

Remember, there are plenty of other apps out there that can help; do your own searching, too. Just keep in mind you’ll also come across apps that are for general users or to add content to personal Facebook profiles, which isn’t supported now. Look for apps specifically designed for use by Pages.

To better understand how to reach the 500+ million Facebook users, start by reading the Social Channels article from Facebook. If you really want to drive deep into Facebook page and app development, check out the Graph API as well.