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Customizing Fan and Business Pages on Facebook

Create Custom Tabs with iFrame Apps

Here are two apps that help you create custom tabs using iframes, similar to the old Static FBML method:

Hosted iFrame: This lets you add a custom tab to your Page by inserting your own HTML, XFBML, and other web coding. It’s free for Pages with 5,000 or less fans. It’s similar to the old Static FBML method but with several useful enhancements. It’s a quick, easy, and enhanced alternative to creating your own iframe tabs from scratch, as we’ll discuss on the next page.

You can define different content to be displayed to fans (likers) versus non-fans (non-likers), and even content to be displayed to both. It even provides up to 35MB of hosted storage for photos and files. It also supports Google Analytics so you can track visitors.

You can add up to five Host iFrame tabs to your page. However, it affects the amount of fans used to determine the cost. For instance, if you add two tabs you must have 2,500 or less fans for it to be free or 1,666 or less fans if you add three tabs.

IFrame Apps: This is similar to Hosted iFrame, but let’s you display any webpage on the Internet by specifying a URL - much like the from-scratch iframe method we’ll discuss - but makes the process much more quicker and easier.  It also lets you enter HTML code into the app, but it doesn’t provide hosting of images like with Hosted iFrame. You can designate fan and non-fan content, but can’t define content to be displayed to all. Additionally, it only allows you to add up to two tabs instead of five like Host iFrame does.