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Facebook COO Says The End of Email is Near

Tuesday during the Nielsen's Consumer 360 conference, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg indicated that email may soon be a thing of the past.

Why? Because our future rests on the shoulder of today's teens, and apparently only 11-percent of them email on a daily basis. The other 89-percent of the nation's teens are communicating via SMS, Twitter, or other social networking solutions (cough Facebook cough).

"E-mail--I can't imagine life without it--is probably going away," she told the audience.

But that assumption just doesn't make sense. Teens like to throw eggs at cars, have slumber parties, sneak out the bedroom window at night, and film zombie movies at the local park using chicken blood. They're less likely to send an email than making a quick status update or share their 3-day sunburn with a list of 256 friends.

What teens do now doesn't actually define what they'll do later when they're adults.

The San Francisco Chronicle also called her bluff and raised her twenty, referring back to the Pew Internet research she supposedly referenced in her presentation.

The data collected by the firm stated that 11-percent of those teens used email to communicate with friends on a daily basis. It also indicated that 68-percent of teens use email "at least occasionally." Apparently teens also consider email as a tool for communicating with adults and institutions. They have more socializing to do rather than business, so naturally the email percentage would be lower.

Pew Internet's data also suggested that teens never emailed to any great extent in the first place. Pew Internet began its study on teens in 2006, and it was a meager 14-percent back then. With that said, the current 11-percent who actually admit to using email isn't really all that surprising.

So despite all this, is email on the way out? There's no question that it will be killed off one day, just not within the timeframe Sandberg seemed to insinuate. It's not hard to imagine that the COO of Facebook would want email to grow extinct, and for every web surfer to use Facebook as their main tool of communication.

Just think of the revenue all those page views would generate.