Dropbox Users Can Now Share Files to Facebook Groups

Chris Varenhorst of Dropbox revealed on Wednesday that the popular cloud-based storage service has made a deal with Facebook so that users can share files with Facebook Groups. Now you can exchange notes with your study group, add the latest game schedule to your basketball team’s group, or post a birthday video to your family’s group at lightning speed from wherever you are, he said.

The news arrives just months after Facebook introduced its own Groups file-sharing feature. This allowed users to share "lecture notes, assignments, schedules and many other file types with members of a school group. Anyone in a school group can upload and download files within that group." But this feature isn't just locked to school groups – anyone can share a file (up to 25 MB) with any group.

However the deal with Dropbox is a smart move on Facebook's front, as now users can essentially share anything legal and not be constrained to Facebook's size limit. Thus, Facebook can focus on what it does best: building a social network while services like Dropbox can focus on hosting user content.

To share a file, go to a specific group page and choose "Add File." From there users will be greeted with the typical Facebook file uploader, but there will also be a "From Your Dropbox" section as well. Click "Choose File", and sign in or create a Dropbox account if you haven't already. First-time users will be required to grant permission for linking the two accounts together.

"Your links are secure," Dropbox states in the Help Center. "When you share a link, Dropbox creates a unique token used only in that link. It is almost impossible to guess the token, but even if someone was able to, they'd have to know the name of the folder and files the link points to. That said, anyone who can see the link can copy it and post it elsewhere, such as another website."

If you don't see the feature yet, then just stay calm: it will begin rolling out sometime on Wednesday, and should be available soon.


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