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Fable Franchise ''May Adopt Natal''

Is the Fable franchise getting Natal support? That's the hint Joystiq is dropping, saying that Microsoft Game Studios may incorporate the technology into future releases. The theory is based on comments made by MGS corporate vice president Phil Spencer as he briefed the website on Lionhead's innovation, basically saying that it's a perfect match for Microsoft's forthcoming motion control system.

"You know, Lionhead's been a real innovation studio for us," he told Joystiq. "We have the release of Fable 2 episodic this week, where they're taking Fable 2 and breaking it up into chunks, allowing people to buy the content at their pace. Fable 2, I thought, was a great release, with the orbs they added with Live, adding new functionality to the franchise. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Natal found its way into future iterations of Fable."

As Joystiq points out, Natal could bring some interesting possibilities to Fable 3 hitting stores in 2010... or for role-playing games in general for that matter. Imagine waving the remote as if waving away an annoying pheasant, or perhaps doing other naughty actions using the motion control technology. For now, however, there's no real concrete indication that the next installment will incorporate Natal, however the inclusion would make sense.

Heck, we're betting that Microsoft and Lionhead are already in bed with a Natal and Fable merger, and that Spencer is teasing us all with pebbles of information... typical foreplay teasing.