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EA / BioWare Working on Military FPS, New Game

Electronic Arts has updated the job listings for both the EA Montreal and BioWare Montreal studios, indicating that a new military-based first-person shooter and a new action-adventure franchise is in the works. The listings follow another job offering placed on LinkedIn this past Friday that seeks a lead network engineer for an "AAA multiplayer action game" for the EA Los Angeles studio.

Originally posted on September 2, the BioWare Montreal team is looking for multiple senior level designers for an unnamed AAA 3rd-person action/adventure franchise. Job requirements include 5+ years experience in 3D level design, proficiency in Autodesk's Maya 3D and 3ds Max, and to have served as level designer for at least one AAA title in the action adventure or shooter genres. Unfortunately, no actual details surrounding the new franchise was revealed.

Although BioWare Montreal and EA Montreal share the same studio space, EA Montreal's project is a separate entity. The team is looking for a lead game designer for an unnamed military-genre first-person shooter. The listing doesn't specify "new IP," so it's assumed that the project could be a new entry into the Army of Two franchise with a possible added FPS perspective. Requirements for this job include 7+ years as a designer, at least 2 years as a lead or senior designer on a AAA first- or 3rd-person action title, and more.

For the lead network engineer position at the EA Los Angeles studio, the job seems console-related, requiring at least 2 titles shipped on the PC or console under the applicant's belt, experience with split-screen multiplayer console (read: console), knowledge of networking systems including DNS, NAT, firewalls and more. The EA LA studio is known for the Medal of Honor series, Command & Conquer series and a few others.