Next Entry in FEAR Series Will be an Online Multiplayer Game

After WB's acquisition of Monolith Productions, the developer was put to work on multiplayer-only games such as Gotham City Imposters and Guardians of Middle-earth. As a result, WB handed the work of the FEAR series over to Day 1 Studios, which had worked with Monolith to port the original game over to consoles. FEAR 3's reception was lukewarm at best. Though it was a decent shooter, it failed to capture the horror elements of the other two games in the series. 

Now, online games publisher Aeria Games has picked up the series for a free-to-play online multiplayer sequel. The game will feature team-based combat modes and ten different maps. 

"We are thrilled to present the next entry in one of the most popular horror franchises of the last decade," stated Aeria Games' vice president of PC games Tom Nichols. "FEAR Online will bring back the tense, heart-pounding action that the series is known for and make it accessible to a huge online community of competitive players."Those interested in the new FEAR Online game can sign up for the beta via the game's official website. 

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  • bustapr
    I think this is just a cash in on the name. why in the hell would anyone make an F2P multiplayer game based on an IP that is ONLY known for its single player horror elements(I know they had multiplayer, but noone really cared). i just see this as another F2P FPS game in the sea of other F2P FPS out there. complete with horrid microtransaction P2W system and rampant hackers every day.
  • Jim90
    Or, do they really mean (benefit of the doubt):

    "We are thrilled turn one of the most popular horror single player franchises of the last decade into a meaningless multiplayer experience that, by sheer luck and coincidence, requires practically no effort and story telling on our part"

    How to destroy a true gaming experience.
  • abbadon_34
    Well this sucks.