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FCC Investigating Ways to Block Sex, Violence

Consumers be warned: the Federal Communications Commission is now investigating ways to block children from watching programs laced with sex and violence according to Reuters. A recent report issued by the commission states that currently there's no single parental control technology that works across multiple platforms, spanning cable and satellite TV, wireless services, the Internet, and more.

"Parents must have access to control technologies that can appropriately limit their children's exposure to unsuitable material," FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said. He warned the Senate Commerce Committee back in July that the FCC would review the existing rules governing children's television programming in light of changing technology and "the proliferation of online videos."

The report has stirred Democrat party, with several politicians stressing that the agency needs to move forward, and to do so quick. However, the FCC's report doesn't offer recommendations, and has sparked comments from other parties saying that it's just another report that claims the government needs another report, or provokes more questions than provides answers.

“They asked questions we already know the answer to," said Dan Isett, director of public policy for the Parent's Television Council.