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FBI Tracking Device Gets Torn Down

However, the latest gadget to go through the ordeal of an iFixit teardown is not something you’ll be able to pick up via Best Buy or NewEgg anytime soon. Nope, this device is something completely different: It’s a government gadget used by the FBI to track suspects. iFixit’s teardown is done in collaboration with Wired and the DIY repair company says the device in question is a loaner. Similar to California student Yasir Afifi who last year discovered that the FBI had been tracking him via a device attached to the underside of his car -- the 20-year-old was half-Egyption and his dad was an Islamic-American community leader who had died in 2009 -- the owner of the device featured in these pictures also discovered it on their car.

So what’s inside one of these things? According to iFixit, the device is comprised of a GPS unit for receiving the car's position, an RF transmitter for relaying your location to the owner of the device, a set of four d-cell lithium batteries to keep it chugging along and a magnetic mounting rack to help it stick tightly to your car. 

Interesting to note that the magnets used are so strong, they ripped right out of the mounting bracket and remain on the host vehicle. Additionally, each of the batteries carries a service life of between 10 and 20 years.

Check the full teardown, complete with full gallery of gory images, over on iFixit.