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Xperience: Camera to Capture Extreme Moments

Designed by Emma Harris, the Xperience Camera Concept is designed specifically for those extreme situations you find yourself in when you are speeding down the slopes of a mountain, rafting down white waters, or scaling endless mountains. Despite being surrounded with the most incredible natural landscapes out there, many extreme sport athletes are unable to capture the beauty of their surroundings due to a lack of safe, reliable photography equipment.

Utilizing a system of attachable camera pods, automatic photography and a watch-like device, the Xperience Camera aspires to capture the beauty of all those extreme moments. The user simply has to attach the camera pod to something such as a backpack, helmet or jacket, then they can set the pod to automatically or manually take pictures and videos while the watch-like device previews them. With an additional built in GPS system, the watch device will also add location tags to each photo and will even act as a safety precaution in case the user gets stranded. We bet James Franco would've loved one of these in "127 Hours"!