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This is How Thor Gets His Muscles

If you're tired of lifting weights at the gym, you may be interested in taking a swing with the SISU War Hammer. This "indestructible" training weapon is designed with a seven gauge loadable steel head with a maximum weight of 28 lbs. Okay, it may not be anywhere near as powerful or heavy as Mjolnir, but this thing can do some serious damage.

While the SISU War Hammer may not be too different from traditional sledgehammers, the design definitely makes it feel a bit more epic. For example, the SISU laser etched into the side is actually a Finnish rallying cry meaning stubborn determination. Add that to the fact that this massive training instrument is 42" long, it's probably safe to say the SISU War Hammer will make you feel like a certified badass.

If the maximum load of the War Hammer is too much for you to handle, you don't have to worry. With a removable back plate that allows users to add or remove additional weight, the SISU War Hammer can weigh anywhere from its empty weight of 14lbs to its sand weight of 20lbs or the maximum lead weight of 28lbs. If you're interested in demolishing some things and unleashing your inner god of thunder, head on over to Rogue Fitness to purchase your own for $125.