Eric Schmidt Takes His Nexus S to Web Summit

With all the Nexus S leaks tapering off, it's starting to feel like we might never see the phone anywhere but those month-old photos that were sent to Engadget. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's great to see the phone at all, but with all this is it or isn't it nonsense, it would be nice to see some more current photos to prove that it hasn't really been scrapped.

Well, here to save the day is none other than Google CEO Eric Schmidt. At this week's Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, the Chief Executive Officer showed off his Gingerbread-toting Nexus S, describing it as an "unannounced phone from an announced manufacturer."

Schmidt didn't mention a release date for the phone but had no problem saying Gingerbread would be out in the next few weeks. If we're to assume that this device will launch at the same time as Gingerbread, then that kind of cuts down earlier rumors that the Nexus S had been scrapped in lieu of a dual-core version that would be able to keep up with 2011's inevitable Tegra 2 offerings.

Hit up Engadget for lots more photos of Schmidt and the device.

Source: Engadget

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  • mikem_90
    If its the older tech like they say it might get swallowed by the sheer wave of droids and Galaxies. Other handset makers are churning out tons of phones, might be hard to stand out.

    A faster processor would go a long way to make itself distinct.
  • cashews
    The hardware of the Nexus S will need to be more than a Galaxy rehash, if they want it to sell. I mean if it doesn't feature better hardware, there isn't much to differentiate it frrom the Nexus One. A front facing camera, onboard GPU chip, and 0.3" more screen just isn't a big enough upgrade to justify purchase.