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Eole: The Wind-Powered Wrist Watch

Designer Julien Moise's Eole Wind Energy watch utilizes the user's very own sustainable wind energy in order to power its slick LED display. In order to get a read on the time, the user simply has to blow on the watch, activating its propeller-like fan mechanism that generates just enough power to activate the display for a small period of time.

Considering the fact that most watch batteries last more than enough time to have to worry about any power issues, the Eole would likely have more value as a fun device rather than a practical and efficient one. After all, blowing into your watch while in a crowded elevator or movie theater might get you some puzzled looks.

Despite the awkwardness of blowing into your watch, the Eole features a very slick minimalistic design that makes it stylish enough to wear just for looks. For a video rendering of this beautiful watch concept head on over to Yankodesign's article here.