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Electric Scooter Is Eco-Friendly

The Ovo Electric Scooter concept is a single seating eco-friendly scooter that aims to maximize comfort, practicality and utility. With a high performance hub motor and plenty of luggage compartments in the Ovo Electric scooter, this concept sets itself apart from the rest of the scooter world with plenty of neat features such as a retractable canopy that protects the driver from bad weather.

Designed to come in several shades of bright eco-friendly paint, the Ovo Electric Scooter would definitely stand out in the streets. Designed by Robin O’Neil Matthews, this colorful scooter will be powered with two different charging options. In the case of a lack of charging capabilities, the scooter comes with a booster battery that can be comfortably carried in the scooter or in your luggage. Aside from the booster pack, the scooter features two internal lithium-ion battery packs that can be charged for a maximum range of 60km.

Not only is the paint and engine of this crafty scooter concept eco-friendly, but the windshield, tires, and just about everything about this scooter loves the environment. Created out of recycled and bio-materials, the Ovo Electric Scooter is truly a green concept.