This Electric Guitar Runs Apps, Tunes Itself

Launched on Friday September 30th, Gibson's brand new Firebird X guitar is the pinnacle of electronic guitar technology. The Firebird X really goes to show how far technology has gone in improving music production. With its very own software editor, an integrated robot that automatically keeps the guitar in tune and third party application support, this guitar does it all.Firebird X owners will be able to create tweaks and edits to just about every aspect of the guitar thanks to its integrated software, fulfilling the exact needs of the musician. Developers will be able to make use of the guitar's third party application support to further realize the potential of the guitar.In addition to being able to modify the sound of their guitars to the liking via a computer or laptop, Firebird X owners will also have all of the standard onboard effects to keep them rocking. The Firebird X comes standard with onboard effects such as distortion, reverberation, EQ and compression.

Gibson says its guitar is like "the world's best legal sports car in looks, feel and performance". Seeing as how only 1800 will be made, each one costing $5570, we wouldn't expect anything less. 

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