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Asus Announces Tablet Notepad, the Eee Tablet

Asus announced some tablets earlier on today. These 'Eee Pads' as they're called, are two Windows tablets in 10- and 12-inch flavors. However, confusingly enough, the company also announced an Eee Tablet today, which is actually a notepad and ereader type of affair.

The 8-inch device comes with a MicroSD card slot and 2MP camera as well as USB connectivity for all your electronic notes over to your PC. Battery life is an impressive 10 hours and with a 2450 dpi input sensitivity and 0.1 second page refreshes on a backlight-less TFT-LCD offering 64-levels of grey, it's definitely an interesting offering. The camera is a nifty little addition and is supposed to be used for taking pictures of lecture slides.

The funny thing is, Asus only briefly mentions reading ebooks and documents on the device, despite the fact that it's obviously an important function. An ereader that doubles as a digital notepad sounds like an easier sell than trying to convince people they need an electronic notepad that would be no quicker than a pen and paper. Still who are we to judge! Would you buy one of these? Let us know in the comments below.

[Update] Price rumored to be between $199 and $299. Should go on sale this September.