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Asustek To Add More Features To Atom-based 8.9" Eee PC

Asustek Computer will launch its Atom-based 8.9" Eee PC 901 in June and the company is planning to add more features to it in order to clearly separate it from its competitors, according to market channel sources. In addition to a Bluetooth module, Asustek will also add metal alloy parts to the keyboard and hinge, while its touchpad will also have a metallic border.

More here at Digitimes.

  • nvalhalla
    OOOOOHHHHH...metal trim!

    That's way better than an 80GB hard drive!
  • Who cares about any of the features when you only have a max of 20gb of storage? SSD's are too expensive right now to be worth it imo.
  • alantlchan
    The 20Gb storage is 4GB SLC + 16GB MLC, Asus seems never mentioned this point. (HK is selling EeePC 900)
    If you load WinXP to C: (4GB SLC) then...