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Turn Your iPhone into Eee Keyboard

Does the Atom-based Asus Eee Keyboard strike your fancy, but the $600 price is just a little too steep? iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 owners can now virtually create one for far less by using the Omnio WOWKey device.

Compatible with both the PC and Mac, Omnio's keyboard features an iOS sync/recharge dock on the right, mimicking the touchscreen display found in the Asus Eee Keyboard. It also offers both Windows flag and Command keys, and 15 additional hotkeys designed especially for the iPhone.

For the iOS device, users can enjoy faster and more comfortable typing when using an online messenger, sending text messages and more. For the PC, the device can function as a laptop touchpad using Air Mouse Pro or similar apps. Users simply switch between iOS and PC modes with just the flick of a switch.

As reported by the Aving Global News Network, the WOWKey has received its official seal of approval by Apple. The device is expected to hit online retailers soon for around $105 plus shipping from Korea, however an actual launch date was not provided.