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Eco-Magnet Prevents Malaria, Kills Mosquitoes, Cleans Air

Sure mosquitoes can be a pesky annoyance here in the States, but in other areas of the world with nearly 3.3 billion people at risk of a deadly malaria infection, mosquitoes can be quite the menace. Hoping to assist in the fight against malaria, designer Paul M. Wood has created a unique device that traps and kills dangerous mosquitoes.

Dubbed the Eco-Magnet, Wood's concept is a large device that is designed to be installed in public areas such as parks and other recreational levels. Unlike traditional electronic bug zapping devices, the Eco-Magnet utilizes sunlight to convert water into carbon dioxide inside its main chamber.

The chamber is then laced with ocetinol to mimic the scent of humans, attracting mosquitoes into the chamber where they are then trapped and dehydrated to death. Eco-Magnet collects the dead mosquitoes and stores them in a removable bag that is located in the lower half of the device, designed to be disposed of biannually.

In addition to its mosquito-zapping abilities, the Eco-Magnet features a titanium dioxide coated dome that assists in removing toxins from the air during its lengthy life span of 15 years. Although there are no details given on expected costs and maintenance, a device such as the Eco-Magnet could play a huge role in reducing the risk of malaria infections around the world.