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Party! Skype 5.0 for Windows Has 10-way Calling

You probably remember back in May when Skype announced that it would begin testing five-way video calling for Windows users. The feature was free back then, but Skype said it would start charging for it in a few months time. However, it seems that before it'll start charging, Skype is going to up the ante to 10-way video conferencing.

With the release of Skype 5.0 beta two, users who can drum up nine friends or coworkers to video call with will be able to do so. Again, Skype stipulates that group video calling is 'currently available as a free trial' so it looks like they do plan on charging at some stage, we just don't know when. We also don't know how much they'll be asking.

Skype also said that it had fixed a number of bugs and stability issues that presented themselves with group calling before, so it's likely if you tried the five-way calling and found fault with it, you might have a better experience this time.

Still no word on Linux or Mac versions, though Skype said 'later this year' for a Mac version when it announced the five-way calling.