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EA Leaks Battlefield 4 in Medal of Honor Listing

It seems like just yesterday that Battlefield 3 was fresh on the market. In fact, I just got my own copy of the game a few weeks ago.

Well, it looks like everyone in the same boat as me will be outdated pretty soon. A recent Origin listing for Medal of Honor: Warfighter (you can see the image at Digital Spy) stated that pre-orders would allow access to the Battlefield 4 beta.

The listing's been pulled, probably because EA hasn't officially announced Battlefield 4. I guess we ought to let that listing serve as the official notice that Battlefield 3's sequel is coming, at least soon enough to warrant a beta.

Considering that EA's intentions for the Battlefield series are to overtake competitor Activision's wildly successful modern warfare (no pun intended) shooter Call of Duty, then it's not surprising that Battlefield 4 may be coming soon.