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Guys Hit Craigslist for E3 ''Missed Connections''

Here's the scenario: you're pushing through the hot, sweaty crowds of E3 2010, eager to make your way towards a brief hands-on with the new Nintendo 3DS. Suddenly you brush up against one of the hottest creatures you've ever laid eyes on. Glances are exchanged. A brief smile leads you to think something has passed between you, some unsaid connection. You both marvel at the 3DS gadget, flirt for a few moments, and then the love of your life disappears back into the crowd, lost in a sea of journalists and gamers.

While the scenario described above is total fiction, the fact that chances such as this are not, and they have led to ads placed in the "Missed Connections" section on Craigslist. Here's one written by Star Wars Girl:

"You are incredibly attractive, dark skinned, short with great hair. We exchanged glances several times while you were playing Star Wars at E3 on Thursday. We spoke briefly on your way out and you had the softest hands I've ever felt. You came back after you left and asked me for my email address and said you wouldn't forget. I hope you didn't. Mail me."

Here's another E3 attendee that was really liking a Capcom 1942 booth babe:

"E3 this week. Capcom 1942 booth babe - the one wearing suntan pantyhose with her costume. I want to get your number. I would love to take you out and get to know you. Please contact me here "

So what have we learned here? E3 2010 isn't just about games and hardware--it's about making connections, whether they're press-related, a brief fling, or a long-term love affair that will spawn more gamers that will in turn attend future E3 conventions.