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New Gear at E3 2012

PowerA Goes Mobile, Too.

PowerA is entering the mobile gaming market as well, using the MOGA controller and software as its flagship device. The MOGA can fit any smartphone out there, even the huge Samsung Galaxy Note, and connects via Bluetooth. Like the PlayPad, the MOGA software will be available to developers to make their games controller-friendly, with titles like Duke Nukem 3D, Pac-Man, and Painkiller: Purgatory already on board.

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PowerA is bringing a new console controller to market as well. The FUS1ON will come in PS3 and Xbox 360 flavors (though both will use the 360 button layout), and the built-in LED lighting can change between several different colors. The sphere-shaped sticks are pretty comfortable, and the 360 button layout is preferable (personally) over the PS3 layout. Interchangeable grips allow you to tailor the FUS1ON to your hands' liking, too.