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New Gear at E3 2012

Nyko: Going Crazy for Mobile

Nyko has been an established presence in the console space for years, and now they want to branch out and get some of that new mobile gaming money. Some new 3DS accessories are on the way (see below), but this is about that other kind of mobile know, that involves smartphones and tablets! The PlayPad and PlayPad Pro want to be your mobile device's new best friend, with the PlayPad filling the "portable, in your pocket" category, while the Pro is more at home on your desk or in a backpack.

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The Pro could double as a 360 or PS3 controller, complete with four shoulder buttons, dual analog sticks and a home button. The regular PlayPad drops two of the shoulder triggers but keeps everything else, albeit in a smaller size. Both work with Nyko's Playground App, which game developers use to pair the PlayPad buttons with established touchscreen controls. No more swiping around to move left or right! Just use the presets, or make your own controls with the drag and drop system, and you'll be gaming like a console player in no time.

Nyko did bring some traditional console accessories along, too, including the new Power Pad Pro. A better version of Nintendo's Circle Pad Pro, Nyko's version puts the 3DS inside a protective shell while adding an analog stick, two shoulder buttons and a battery pack that should increase cable-free gaming time by at least 200 percent.

Nyko is entering the fight stick race as well, thanks to the new Free Fighter. while most fight sticks are made with right-handed players in mind, the Free Fighter can place the joystick on either side of the buttons, and takes about ten seconds to switch. You can even separate the two, connect them with an Cat cable, and have a wider, more comfortable setup. There are plenty of standard features as well, including Sanwa-made parts, turbo and macro buttons, and a smaller footprint than the wider, deeper alternatives from Mad Catz.