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New Gear at E3 2012

Turtle Beach: All In With MLG And COD

Turtle Beach had two brand new product lines to show off at E3 this year, starting with the Seven series. These MLG-branded headsets are supposed to be at the top of the heap for TB when it comes to audio quality and versatility, with one headset and three accessories making it a universal system of sorts. The Seven headsets never changes between models, complete with 40mm drivers, fully programmable DSP, and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, the Seven headset can stand on its own as an "M" (mobile) headset, pair with a PC remote for a "Z" configuration (Z denotes PC gaming headsets for Turtle Beach), or the high-end "XP" kit for Xbox 360 gamers. These are the headsets that MLG provides at its pro circuit events, so a fair amount of research and fine-tuning has gone into the design and execution. The Z and XP models are MLG approved, and include features like removable mics, preset switching, and separate game and chat volume controls.

Turtle Beach also has a new line of Call of Duty headsets, including the Tango, Sierra, X-Ray, Kilo, and a set of earbuds. The styling and logos will appeal to the Call of Duty fans out there, for sure, but at this point it looks like the Tango is a re-badged XP500 or PX5 of sorts, and so on. This isn't a bad thing, as Turtle Beach has some great audio equipment, but it's not a wholly new experience like the new Seven series is. 

Last and, well, least I guess, is the new LA line. These are designed for gamers who want something better than what's included in the box, but don't want to drop $200+ on a headset. This is only good news, as the more gear we have in entry-level, the better quality some of it will be.