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Motorola Takes Another Swipe at Apple in New Ad

Along with Microsoft's brand spanking new ad for Windows Phone 7, Motorola felt it was time to refresh people's memories and took out a full page advertisement in the New York Times this past weekend.

Now, for anyone not in the know, it's not unusual for Motorola to poke fun at the iPhone in its marketing material. Whether it's implying that the iPhone is a prissy phone for prissy people, or listing all the things the iPhone can't do, Motorola has thrown quite a few punches in Apple's direction over the last six months.

Over the weekend, this full page ad appeared in the New York Times. If you've seen any of AT&T's 'There's an App for That' commercials, you'll know what Motorola has done here. If you can't read that little block of small print, it goes a little bit something like this:

"Flash websites require Flash capabilities. Seemed pretty simple to us. That's why we created the DROID 2. With Adobe Flash Player it gives you unrestrained access to Flash sites, videos and games. No more empty windows or half loaded pages. And as a 3G Mobile Hotspot, it can connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices and conquer the World Wide Web. It's compromise-free browsing. The way it should be."