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Motorola Takes Another Swipe at Apple in New Ad

Along with Microsoft's brand spanking new ad for Windows Phone 7, Motorola felt it was time to refresh people's memories and took out a full page advertisement in the New York Times this past weekend.

Now, for anyone not in the know, it's not unusual for Motorola to poke fun at the iPhone in its marketing material. Whether it's implying that the iPhone is a prissy phone for prissy people, or listing all the things the iPhone can't do, Motorola has thrown quite a few punches in Apple's direction over the last six months.

Over the weekend, this full page ad appeared in the New York Times. If you've seen any of AT&T's 'There's an App for That' commercials, you'll know what Motorola has done here. If you can't read that little block of small print, it goes a little bit something like this:

"Flash websites require Flash capabilities. Seemed pretty simple to us. That's why we created the DROID 2. With Adobe Flash Player it gives you unrestrained access to Flash sites, videos and games. No more empty windows or half loaded pages. And as a 3G Mobile Hotspot, it can connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices and conquer the World Wide Web. It's compromise-free browsing. The way it should be."

  • Pyroflea
    First off, DIE SPAMMER.

    Secondly, it's nice to see somebody confident enough to talk smack to "The almighty Apple Corporation" after they've been doing so for so long. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine :D
  • icepick314
    don't use Safari, then...

    I could have sworn you could use Firefox or Opera and have flash...
  • furylicious
    Apple products? There is a trash can for that.
  • Shadow664
    Thats not really an option for the iphone
  • matt87_50

    short and sweat.

    and all the text on it just seems to make sense. for all the reams of text and talk Steve has done to try and convince us otherwise, it only takes one paragraph of comon sense to show how wrong he is.
  • okibrian
    icepick314don't use Safari, then...I could have sworn you could use Firefox or Opera and have flash...Do you even know what you are talking about? ALL Apps, I said all, that come from the Apple App store (like Opera) must be approved by Apple. That means they do not allow any form of flash support in the build. If you try to add it the app will not be approved. Now you can hack that phone and get it I believe, but that is a different story.
  • longerlife
    Flash was the most requested feature on the iPhone, but instead of listening to their customers, Steve Jobs decided to talk trash about the most used, and best rich media system on the internet. He then went on to ban the compiler Adobe spent years developing three days before they launched it.

    Bearing in mind there are about 3 million developers using Flash, and hundreds of millions of websites I don't think this was a smart move!

    This move was the final nail in the coffin for Apple products and me, I will NEVER buy their stuff now, and I actively discourage everyone I know to do the same (not helped by the Apple fan boys screaming Flash must die everywhere, before a useable alternative even exists).

    With html5 now providing persistent bookmarks that cannot be deleted, and nowhere near the same quality of immersive content (if you can actually view it).

    Over 60% of internet users are unable to access ANY html5 content (compared to 98% who can view Flash).

    Meanwhile Apple are ripping off consumers and content providers alike to boast record profits, while leaving internet developers without work, and the rich internet landscape in complete disarray.

    Not to mention the huge number of people (slave labour) who produce their products are jumping off buildings...

    Anyone who supports Apple is basically supporting a school yard bully, it was somewhat forgiveable when they went after Microsoft because they were in direct competition, and were/are the underdog.

    Seeing the way they behave when they have a competitive lead and how they start to attack other parts of the industry (which offered free, device agnostic, universal alternatives to their 30% cut app ecosystem), disgusts me....

  • falchard
    This is why Steve Wozniak is such a genious. He cured all of the woes of the iPhone 4 by carrying a Motorola in his pocket.
  • ericburnby
    longerlife: You are a fool and a hypocrite. I bet most of the electronics in your homs are made by "slave labour".

    BTW, just got my 2 iPhone 4's in the mail and I'm loving them.
  • longerlife
    @ericburnby - When I hear of multiple suicides from the factories of a specific manufacturer, you can rest assured I won't go out and buy even one of their products (let alone two)...

    I also won't buy a product whose only source of software/games (and generally speaking music, books, magazines, TV and films) grants a 30% kickback to that same manufacturer (who also censors what I can buy).

    Do you think if Microsoft took a cut of every single software sale their operating system would be used on over 90% of the world's computers??