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The Smartest USB Connector, Ever

Designer Ma Yi Xuan has reportedly designed a USB connector that can face up or down when plugged into a USB port. This seemingly eliminates one of the most annoying aspects about USB technology: having to figure out which side is up before plugging in a peripheral or thumb drive.

Called the Double USB, the new plug works by incorporating a second plastic plate containing the necessary contacts to make a digital connection. Given that both plates fill the entire metal tube, the plug incorporates a spring on each contact plate, allowing one to be pushed back into the plug base when connecting to a USB port. The plate then pops back into the steel tube when the cord is disconnected. Flip the connector over and the other plate is pushed back.

Overall this design ensures that there will always be a contact layer no matter which side is facing up. "The USB interface is becoming more necessary for us as a standard of data transmission," Xuan said. "The traditional structure of the USB needs us to identify its side before plugging in. Otherwise, it would lead to failure. The Double USB just helps us overcome this problem."

While the design is brilliant, we have to wonder why USB hasn't already incorporated some kind of dual-contact design as seen here. Typically USB cables have various marks to indicate which side is up-- usually with the "trident" symbol that some groups consider satanic. But honestly it would be easier to just plug and go.

Currently the Double USB isn't available to purchase (yet), so keep checking back with Yanko Design's store for updates.