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Researchers to Create Dolphin Translator

Many visits to Seaworld and discovery channel specials have shown us that dolphins are particularly intelligent creatures, capable of sophisticated communication along with their playful nature. For years researchers have attempted to communicate with dolphins for a deeper understanding of their intelligence, but not until recently have they made progress on developing a two-way translator that may help break down the language barrier between humans and dolphins.

Although scientists may not be having complete conversations anytime soon, the Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry (CHAT) project hopes to make some form of communication possible. The project features a small, portable device that works with two hydrophones to detect dolphin sounds and the direction they came from. Divers will carry these devices with them and an additional input device that will allow them to create similar sounds in response. The researchers will experiment with different sounds and 'words' with hopes to crack the language. What would be your first words to a dolphin?