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Use Digital Film For Your Old Analog Camera

Remember those days when you had to carry around multiple film rolls in order to snap a good number of photographs? Back when there was suspense involved in photography as we had to take our film rolls in to be developed? Unfortunately those days are probably never coming back but the digital film concept might bring back some nostalgia as you dust off your old analog camera.

Acting as a digital memory card film roll thing, the digital film concept snaps right into your old analog camera and allows you to snap away with that old ancient piece of camera equipment. After you are done taking your photos, remove the 'film roll' and get it 'developed'. By developed we mean plug it into your computer and print from there.

Although it is pretty unlikely anybody still has their old analog camera sitting around, this concept by Park Hyun Jin refreshingly reminds us of photography's rich history as the experience continues to shift to a more futuristic and efficient digital world.