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Deus Ex: Director's Cut Only for Wii U, Boss Battles Fixed

Rumors about a Wii U version of the director's cut of Deus Ex prequel Human Revolution blitzed the Internet yesterday when it popped up in Amazon's listings for $49.99.

Square Enix, to its credit, decided not to beat around the bush and bask in the hype of the rumor mill. Today, it confirmed that Deus Ex: Human Revolution's directors cut would indeed be coming to the Wii U. Though it didn't confirm a release date, the Amazon listing has it down for May 7th later this year.

The Director's Cut, since it's a Wii U release, will use the GamePad controller to control neural enhancements.

The Missing Link DLC and Tongs's Rescue Mission will be included. However, the main attraction for potential buyers is that boss fights have been fixed. Originally, the boss fights broke Human Revolution's stealth-action duality and pigeonholed players into the "action" part of the game, as players could only defeat bosses by madly shooting at them. Unsurprisingly, it was later revealed that Eidos had outsourced these boss fights to another studio.

However exciting it may be that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming to the Wii U, one must keep in mind that the game was released almost two years ago. Looking at the Wii U's current release slate, which is paltry in size and includes quite a few older games (Batman Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Mass Effect 3), one wonders whether or not Nintendo will spend much of the first few years of the Wii U's lifespan playing catch-up in order to attract a more "hardcore" audience.

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  • shikamaru31789
    And I just bought a copy on PC a week ago. Oh well, 1 game is not enough to make me buy a Wii U. I really wish they'd patch the boss fights for other platforms though.
  • renz496
    ^ to be honest the boss fight fix will not come to another platform. just like the article said the game was released 2 years ago. if they're going to patch the boss fight short after game release that might be relevant.
  • Thunderfox
    Anybody who cares about any of the "hardcore" games Wii U has has already played them on another platform.

    But maybe it will get Nintendo enough credibility to be considered for ports of future titles. Time will tell.
  • janetonly42
    The original Dues Ex was the best. Brings back some good memories playing it. But on a kiddie console, really....
  • NuclearShadow
    I think it is deplorable that they would take perhaps the largest issue the game had and use it to try to sell a new version without that issue and neglecting to fix it on other platforms. This simply isn't acceptable and I hope no one buys this version of the game out of principal.

    Could you imagine if a game like Skyrim was lacking something that it should have. For example fast travel (I realize not all use or like it but it's just a example) despite its predecessor having this much used feature. Instead of patching it in free of charge Bethesda ignores the problem until the new generation of consoles ports the game over with that feature
    and charges full price for the game. You want the game's issue fixed? Buy another copy years down the line. That is not acceptable.

    I must admit though I am a bit curious on how they changed the bosses. I do wonder if they made a non-lethal option. I always try to avoid killing people in games when there is a choice.
    But I doubt that is the case. If it is only killing still I hope they don't make it so you have to do several stealth attacks to kill the bosses where they fall for the same trick over and over until they die, because that's not really stealth it's just poor AI.
  • shloader
    I actually didn't kill Gunther Herman and Walton Simons. Just take out their arms and widdle them down with a baton until you can tranq them. Just for challenge.

    I've had this game from Steam durring one of its $4.99 sales. Still haven't sat down to play it yet. Hope the boss battles won't be too dissapointing.
  • IndignantSkeptic
    So to get your game patched, you have to buy the whole game over again and also buy a crappy piece of hardware, and have to play it on that inferior hardware as well. Does this mean someone needs to get added to the shit-storm list or are they already on it?
  • kinggraves
    "Looking at the Wii U's current release slate, which is paltry in size and includes quite a few older games (Batman Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Mass Effect 3), one wonders whether or not Nintendo will spend much of the first few years of the Wii U's lifespan playing catch-up in order to attract a more "hardcore" audience."

    I only wonder why anyone would draw that conclusion. It's reasonable for a console to get a few current releases ported in their first year if the last version didn't have the hardware to run them like other consoles did. These ports have usually been the best versions and utilized the gamepad as well, so the only issue is that most would have already gotten the games for other platforms.

    The problem is what the situation will be next year. If publishers don't port the current titles planned for the new generation consoles,to Wii U, there may be something for Nintendo fans to worry about. Then again Nintendo is still one of the best devs in the business, and their lineup is starting to look a little brighter this month with Monster Hunter Ultimate and Lego City Undercover, a kid friendly version of GTA style sandbox games. I know the 15 year old l33ters here cringe at the phrase "kid friendly", but solid gameplay is solid gameplay.
  • alidan
    still no email replys for comments, this is so broken...

    that said, i would be willing to pay for a DC dlc for the pc version... i loved playing this game, and that would give me even more reason to play through it again.
  • bemused_fred
    This. This so much. Imagine the fuss that these console owners would throw up if this was limited only to P.C.'s! Even if it was for good reasons like RAM limitations.

    (Not that I've got anything against console gamers/gaming or anything.)