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T-Mobile to Launch 4G Dell Streak 7 in February

An internal T-Mobile roadmap has been leaked to Tmo News and revealed the launch date for several highly anticipated new products. First and foremost is the LG G-Slate, which packs Tegra 2 and is supposedly going to have support for 3D content. The leak puts the 9-inch G-Slate on a March 23 launch schedule.

If a 9-inch tablet is too bulky for you, or you just can’t wait until March 23, the Dell Streak 7, a 4G follow-on from last year’s 5-inch Streak, will supposedly hit stores on February 2 with a price of $299 after rebates. No word on whether or not this will be on contract or off, but we’re going to go out on a limb and assume you’ll have to sign a two-year contract to avail of that attractive tag.

Apart from these two tablets, the document also pegs the Samsung Vibrant 4G for a February 23 launch. The Vibrant 4G packs a Super AMOLED screen and Android 2.2 Froyo.

T-Mobilers, are you ready for an upgrade?

(via Engadget)