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Dell Ordered to Sell 19-inch LCD for $15

While misspellings can be extremely embarrassing even after countless re-reads (cough), it's another situation altogether when a product is incorrectly priced online. Whether it was a case of slippery fingers or a miscommunication between entities, Dell is now suffering a possible financial setback due to a mispriced 19-inch LCD monitor listed online. Unfortunately, it's not something Dell can joke about and sweep under the rug, but a pricetag Taiwan's Consumer Protection Commission is now enforcing.

Computerworld is reporting that the government agency received 471 complaints after Dell corrected the LCD's pricing by changing it from a meager $15 back to the 'discounted' $146 listing; the LCD originally cost $229 before the discount. The incorrect pricing posted online June 25 at 11 p.m., and then the corrected date appeared on June 26 at 7 a.m. During that eight-hour stretch, Dell racked in 26,000 customers purchasing nearly 140,000 displays, and based on those figures, that's roughly over $18 million Dell could potentially lose.

Unfortunately, it seems that Dell may not be able to find a way out of the dilemma unscathed. The Commission ordered that Dell should sell each customer one monitor at the previously listed $15 price, and then offer a descending discount for each monitor ordered. If Dell fails to comply with the order, it would be a violation of Taiwan's fair trade laws, and the government would thus be forced to seek "legal alternatives."

Although Dell apologized for the pricing error, the company said in a statement that it would offer discounts to all orders received under the false pricing. Currently Dell is working with the Taiwanese government to reach a final settlement that would benefit all parties involved.