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Dell Adamo: Thinner Than Air?

When the MacBook Air launched it was the world’s thinnest laptop. It caught the eye of Apple fans (duh) and non-Apple fans alike. It was sexy and slim but overpriced. Most people didn’t like that to make it so slim, Apple had to cut out some pretty big features of a regular notebook. It didn’t have an optical drive for one thing, a feature a lot of people say stopped it from becoming a must-have device for rich kids.

However, it looks like there’s going to be a new kid on the block. Rumor has it Dell’s Adamo is going to be marketed as “The World’s Thinnest Laptop” making it slimmer than the Air or the Lenovo X301. We have no idea if it will include an optical drive or if the price will be any less scary than that of the Air, it looks like Lenovo and Apple will have some competition.

Engadget says Dell planned to launch the device this month, but has been pushed back till at least February. Marketed as “the world's thinnest Laptop,” the Adamo will sport a black and silver color scheme and is expected to be Dell's stab at the MacBook Air market.

The New York Times Bits Blog has a good indication that the company will be bringing out an MBA rival. Ashlee Vince asked Michael Tatelman, VP of consumer sales and marketing at Dell, if the company would be launching something like the Air. Tatelman’s mouth dropped open and he avoided her gaze before finally telling her he thought the company needed to get some iconic products out there, so that people associate Dell’s brand with other things.

What we do have right now, however, are some details about Dell’s upcoming Studio XPS 13. Check out Engadget for the full gallery of pictures for the upcoming Dell Studio XPS 13. It's not the Adamo or as thin as the Air, but it’s still pretty damn hot.