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DIY Daft Punk Helmet Cost Over $700 to Make

What happens when you combine hundreds of dollars, 17 months and an unmatched love for Daft Punk? A truly unique one of a kind replica of the internationally known golden light-up helmet that belongs to Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. After spending 17 months diligently working to create his masterpiece, Volpin props designer Harrison Krix was finally able to unveil the ultimate Daft Punk helmet.

Hardcore Daft Punk fans have always been on the prowl for replicas of the fantastic duo's iconic helmets, but we haven't seen anything that closely resembles the original quite like this one. Of course, most fans probably can't afford to dedicate as much time and effort into a project as Krix did. After spending $700 on the electronics alone, we're fairly confident that Krix' increasingly popular masterpiece could net him a small fortune. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we won't be donning any awesome Daft Punk Halloween costumes anytime soon.