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Prepaid DROID, BlackBerrys, Palms to Hit Verizon

Signing contracts is a real drag, and though prepaid is an easy solution, a lot of networks don't have the same awesome line of phones for prepaid customers as they do for contracted subscribers.

Things on Verizon are about to get a little bit better for prepaid users, as the company reportedly has plans to release prepaid BlackBerrys along with a host of prepaid Android devices and both the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi. Android Does reports that all of the DROID phones are including in the line up, along with the HTC Incredible, the LG Ally and the as yet unreleased Samsung Fascinate.

Proof comes via these screens sent to Android Does, which clearly show a list of the phones that will be available prepaid, along with a month-to-month price plans for the devices in question. The price sheet points to $30/month for unlimited data paired with a voice plan costing $45 (450 minutes), $65 (900 minutes) or $75 (unlimited minutes).

Engadget also received proof in the form of a prepaid BlackBerry Curve box that displays the same prices detailed above.

No word on when we can expect to see these phones on the market, nor do we know how much the handsets themselves will cost. We'll keep you posted.

Source: Android Does, Engadget