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Portable Solar Power Rig for your Mobile Office

Thanks to tremendous advances in mobile gadgetry, the wage-slave of 2010 has the option to free him or herself from the confines of the stuffy office cubicle. However, as appealing as doing your spreadsheets from a tropical island beach sounds, it usually means being way too far from the nearest outlet.

This custom mobile power station may just be the solution. DIY-er Vin Marshall assembled it from a few photovoltaic cells, a Sun Xtender PVX-560T battery, and a few more off-the-shelf parts. It's enough to give his laptop about five hours additional operational time, and fits neatly in a Pelican 1550 case.

Head on over to Popular Science to get instructions on how you can make your own solar-powered rig.

[source: PopSci]