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The Corpora Opens Preordering of Open Source Qbo Robot

TheCorpora has begun accepting preorders for its open-source robot Qbo. The robot, which can be used for research or simply as a robot at home, sells for about $655 as a basic kit. The kit, however lacks all sensors and PC components, which are included in a kit for $2,230 with an Intel D2700MUD motherboard, Intel Atom D2700 CPU and a 40 GB SSD. A fully assembled Qbo "Pro" is offered for $3020 and comes with an with an Intel Core i3 chip.

According to the Spanish manufacturer, Qbo can be used as a platform for sensor design and integration, as well as related AI software development. The software foundation of Qbo is the Linux (Ubuntu 11.10)-based OpenQbo Distro, which comes with ROS from Willow Garage, the speech recognition software Julius as well as Festival-based audio output and a driver package. Qbo supports apps that are offered on TheCorpora's website for download.

TheCorpora said that future versions of will include Asus' Xtion Pro Live 3D sensor.