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Cop Emails Nude Pics to Drunk Driver; Busted

On February 27, a former Goddard, Kansas police officer, Calvin Schaffer, arrested a woman for driving under the influence of alcohol. However, the 44-year-old police officer contacted the woman by email and offered his help to dismiss the drunken driving charge in exchange for sex. Shaffer was eventually caught and arrested by the FBI, and is now scheduled for sentencing on November 16.

On Wednesday the U.S. Attorney's office reported that Schaffer pleaded guilty in federal court to wire fraud "for his engagement in a scheme to deprive citizens of his services" while still employed as a police officer. As reported by the Topeka Capital-Journal Online, prosecutors discovered that Schaffer used police department computers to send emails to the woman while he was on duty. The emails included photos of Schaffer partially undressed and nude.

The FBI said that the emails travelled through several jurisdictions and crossed state lines via Internet servers in California and Virginia. The Wichita Eagle reports that the woman actually approached the FBI to file a complaint against the officer. She also forked over secret recordings that she and two private investigators acquired during a telephone call to the officer. The woman said that she initially "played along" to get out of her criminal case. She also admitted to sending a nude photo of herself first.

Schaffer now faces a hefty fine of $250,000 and a possible 20-year maximum sentence in a federal prison.