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We're Giving $2,000 for the Best How-to Posts!

That's right, it's another fabulous contest, except this time we're giving away cold, hard cash. You know, the kind that you can use to buy the shiny, shiny gadgets you've been lusting after since you saw our holiday guide?

This time entering is a little more involved, so pay close attention!

We want you to write a How-to for Computing.Net. However, we don't just want any old How-to, we want a really great How-to. One that's so good, it's going to win you the first prize of $1,500. The first runner up will receive $400 and the second runner-up will receive $100.

So how do you enter? First, you'll need to sign up for a Computing.Net account. Next you'll want to read up on the contest and check out our current How-to section to get an idea of what you should be writing. Once you've done your homework, you can write your How-to and submit it here. (Be sure to check the contest box – if you're not in you can't win!)

Once you've submitted your How-to, it's your job to get your friends, family and co-workers voting for you by popularizing your how-to on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. The winners will be selected both by the popularity and the quality of their How-tos. The 25 most popular How-tos will be shortlisted for review by the Computing.Net and Tom's Guide editorial team. From there, the winner will be selected based on quality of their entry.

The Tom's community has always been incredibly helpful when it comes to sharing useful information with each other, so we know we're in for a real treat with these submissions.

Check out the contest page to get started!

This contest is for US residents (excluding Rhode Island), 18 years or older. For the complete list of terms and conditions, please visit the contest's T&C's page.