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Commodore 64 Emulator Returns to App Store

Touch Arcade reports that Manomio's Commodore 64 emulator has returned to Apple's App Store after a rather lengthy absence. The emulator initially made a brief appearance months after a long battle with the App approval team. Although the app was fully licensed, Apple said that it violated the terms of the SDK regarding installing and launching executable code via the included BASIC interpreter. Apple requested its removal. Instead, Manomio merely disabled the feature.

Finally approved, Apple thus published the App in September. However, the program was yanked from the online store just days after its release because it violated the terms of the SDK again. The reason for this rejection--as it was before the app was originally approved--stemmed from the BASIC interpreter. Even though the feature was disabled, apparently reactivating BASIC was extremely simple.

According to Touch Arcade, the new version of the emulator is 30-percent faster than before, features minor UI improvements, and also provides on-board instructions for each of the included games (Dragons Den, Le Mans, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck, Jack Attack). The C64 also includes three new additional games as well: International Basketball, International Baseball, and International Tennis.

The C64 emulator can be purchased here for a meager $4.99. For fans that already purchased the application in September, this will appear as an update, and will not cost a penny.