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Coffee Powered Car Reaches 77.5 MPH

In a world with limited resources and an unfortunate economic situation, alternative fuels are becoming increasingly important. It's one thing to create a vehicle that uses a source of energy other than gasoline, but to create one that runs off of waste is an incredible feat. Ever wished there could be a purpose for all of those used up coffee grounds from the morning pot of coffee?

Hoping to break the Guinness World Record for "vehicles run on gas from organic waste", engineer Martin Bacon and his team of volunteers from Teesdale Conservation in Durham, England have created a speedy vehicle that is powered from coffee. The vehicle started out as a Rover SD1, stripped down and modified with the removal of more than 500 pounds of excess weight.

From there, Bacon utilizes a gasification system that burns wood and coffee grounds at a very high temperature of 1292 degrees Fahrenheit. The system then creates synthetic gas made of carbon monoxide and hydrogen that is capable of powering the vehicle's V6 combustion engine. Although this isn't the first vehicle to use waste to power a car, it certainly is the fastest. Topping out at 77.5 miles per hour, this coffee-powered vehicle demolished the previous record of 47.7 miles per hour set by the wood-burning Beaver XR7.